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People yearn to love and be loved, so I make quality, unique, beautifully crafted jewelry that connects people and reminds that love is there for us all.

I find inspiration for the jewelry I make all around me: in nature, in the colors of the cabochon I want to set, in the beads on my wall next to my desk and in the shapes I see when I go for a walk. My favorite inspiration is the question, “Can you make …?” often followed by something I have never done before! I love this challenge. It is so rewarding to help breathe life into someone’s vision.

My style is eclectic: Southwestern, Minimal, Large and Chunky, Filigree, Contemporary, and sometimes a little Whimsical. Having grown up in the 60’s, there is some Bohemian in there, too.

I prefer to use quality materials in my jewelry: semi-precious and precious stones and beads, dichroic glass, enamel, glass, crystal, sterling silver, copper, and 14 karat gold.  Each piece is hand-fabricated or hand-assembled by me here in the United States.  I use various jewelry techniques such as centrifugal casting, cuttlebone casting, as well as traditional forging and fabricating techniques.

 Each piece is unique and many are one of a kind. There are several looks and lines to explore.  So come in and browse, make yourselves at home.  Find a gift for someone you love. Connect With Jewelry. Connect With Love.

CJ's Product Spotlight

Moonstone and Sterling Silver Necklace 20" sterling silver chain

Elegant Moonstone and Sterling Silver Necklace

The Moonstone and Sterling Silver Necklace features an oval moonstone with a light blue flash. The sterling silver encasing the moonstone accentuates its beauty and elegance. The lines of the pendant are curved, simple and beautiful. The pendant hangs from a 20″ sterling silver chain, making it the perfect length to wear with, sweaters, blouses and most necklines.

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“I really enjoy your jewelry – very creative and different.  Do you have cards? I have people ask me about the bracelets a lot.”

Linda W.

“I was very satisfied with CJ’s work.  This ring is sturdy and well crafted.”

Laura B.

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A purple banded Mexican Agate (oval shaped) ring sized US 8 and 3/4. The "double" shank is sterling silver, approximately 1/2" as it connects to the ring and 3/8" as it wraps the finger.

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Sparkle and Shine: Finding Your Perfect Jewelry Match

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Sparkle and Shine: Finding Your Perfect Jewelry Match

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