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CJ’s Jewelry Creations is an up-and-coming presence on the web and in Corpus Christi, Texas.  We specialize in hand-fabricated and hand-assembled affordable quality jewelry.  

Our jewelry is a unique blend of  Southwest Style, Filigree, Contemporary and Whimsical wearable art.  We incorporate semi-precious and precious stones and beads, dichroic glass, enamel, glass, crystal, sterling silver, copper, and occasionally 14 karat gold into our pieces.  Each piece is hand-fabricated or hand-assembled by the artisan here in the United States.  We use various jewelry techniques such as Casting techniques  (Lost Wax Casting, Cuttlebone Casting, and others), and Traditional  Forging and Fabricating techniques.

 We have several  looks and lines and enjoy tweaking designs by adding color or changing design elements.  So come in and browse, make yourselves at home.  A wonderful hand-crafted work of art is just a couple of clicks away!

“I was very satisfied with CJ’s work.  This ring is sturdy and well crafted.”

Laura B.

Amazonite and Sterling Silver Link Bracelet

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