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Pink Baroque-style fresh water pearls hand knotted on silk thread and finished with a handmade sterling silver S hook clasp. $48.00

Fresh Water Pearls

Freshwater pearls vary in size, shape and color.  Natural colors such as “white, pink, orange, and other pastels – can be achieved through natural means, including the pearl mollusk’s genetics, what they eat, and the amount and type of trace metals in the cultivating environment.”

Dichroic Glass, Sterling Silver, Fine Silver

What is Dichroic Glass?

I love Dichroic Glass. It is unique. It is beautiful. It goes with everything and anything. I love it almost as much as I do faceted gems and semi-precious cabochons. It is as easy to work with as it is beautiful. Because of the unique, colorful and beautiful nature of fused Dichroic Glass, it often becomes the focal point of the jewelry in which it is lovingly placed.


Romans believed Moonstone was born from solidified rays of the moon. In India Moonstone has a special significance for lovers and is a traditional wedding gift. It is said that Moonstone cures sleeplessness and reconciles lovers. It is known as the Traveler’s stone, giving travelers protection, especially when traveling at night. 

Tumbled Black Onyx Beads with one sterling silver marker bead. Stretch bracelet

The Touch a Stone Bracelet

The TouchStone Bracelet was inspired by a man who had his grandchildren’s well-being on his mind. He asked me for a bracelet that he could use in his role of “Prayer Warrior” for his grandkids. The key is prayer and believing that God is who He says He is, and that God will do what He says He will do!

Amazonite and Sterling Silver Link Bracelet

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