Black Amazonite Braided Bracelet


Unleash The Adventurer Within: The Black Amazonite Braided Bracelet

This bracelet isn’t just an accessory, it’s a journey captured in gleaming silver and captivating stone.

Imagine a captivating blend of sand, seas, and sun, woven into a mesmerizing braid of fine (.999) silver. This is the Black Amazonite Braided Bracelet, a handcrafted masterpiece that evokes the spirit of adventure. The captivating black amazonite stones, each one unique, whisper tales of faraway lands and hidden beaches.

More than just beauty, it’s effortless style. The 7-inch length ensures a comfortable fit, while the secure hook clasp allows for easy on-and-off wear with just one hand. The fine silver boasts tarnish resistance, so your bracelet’s brilliance endures, just like your spirit.

Embrace your inner bohemian. Worn solo, it adds a touch of minimalist elegance. Layer it with other pieces for a bolder look that reflects your adventurous side. The black amazonite complements silver or black earrings and bracelets flawlessly, creating a cohesive and effortlessly stylish ensemble.

Versatility redefined. This design can easily be made as a chic choker when (just reach out to me through the link below). A matched set is always a great way to enhance your personal style!

The Black Amazonite Braided Bracelet is a great reminder to embrace your wanderlust, and celebrate the unique beauty found around the world.

Other color options available today, are the sunshine-bright Yellow Braided Bracelet or the sophisticated Faceted Black Onyx Braided Bracelet.

Dreaming of a custom braided bracelet or choker in your favorite color or gemstone?  Contact me today and let’s create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece just for you.

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in


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