Green and Black Bracelet


Unleash Your Inner Enigma: The Green & Black Bracelet

This captivating Green and black bracelet isn’t just an adornment, it’s a conversation starter, a mesmerizing dance of color and texture in a truly unique design.

Imagine a statement piece that defies definition. The Green & Black Bracelet features a captivating centerpiece – a fused dichroic glass cabochon that shimmers with an unexpected blend of green and black. But wait, there’s more! This captivating gem also cleverly doubles as the bracelet’s clasp, a testament to both innovation and artistic ingenuity.

More than just beauty, it’s a celebration of handcrafted artistry. This bracelet isn’t mass-produced. It’s a labor of love, meticulously crafted from gleaming fine silver. The unique “vertebrate” chain, designed by renowned metal artist Victoria Lansford, adds a touch of organic texture, while the dichroic glass cabochon shimmers with ever-changing colors, reflecting your multifaceted personality.

Effortless Versatility with a Hidden Surprise: The clasp is cleverly integrated within the centerpiece, creating a seamless and stylish look. This 7.25-inch bracelet transitions effortlessly from day to night, adding a touch of sophisticated intrigue to your professional attire or becoming the perfect finishing touch for a night out. Fine silver also ensures low maintenance, keeping your bracelet gleaming for years to come.

The Green & Black Dichroic Glass Bracelet features:

  • A captivating dichroic glass centerpiece with a mesmerizing interplay of green and black.
  • A unique and innovative clasp design, seamlessly integrated with the centerpiece.
  • A handcrafted fine silver “vertebrate” chain designed by artist Victoria Lansford.
  • Easy to maintain, requiring minimal polishing to keep it gleaming.

Discover a piece of jewelry as unique and captivating as you are. Shop the Green & Black Bracelet today!

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