The Maggie


Captivate Every Glance: The Maggie Dichroic Glass Bracelet

This captivating bracelet isn’t just an accessory, it’s a conversation starter waiting to be unveiled, a mesmerizing dance of color and contemporary design.

Imagine a statement piece that defies convention. The bracelet features a stunning focal point – a fused dichroic glass cabochon that shimmers and shifts with captivating color. But wait, there’s more! This captivating gem also cleverly doubles as the bracelet’s clasp, a testament to innovative design.

More than just beauty, it’s versatility personified. This handcrafted masterpiece is perfect for the modern woman who loves to play with style. Wear it alone for a touch of sophisticated elegance, or stack it with your favorite chains for a bolder look. The single loop-in-loop chain adds a touch of delicate texture, while the sterling and fine silver construction ensures lasting brilliance.

Embrace the artistry. The Maggie is lovingly handcrafted in the USA, a testament to the dedication and skill of American artisans. Each bracelet is a unique creation, a guarantee that you’ll own a piece that reflects both quality and individuality.

The Maggie Dichroic Glass Bracelet features:

  • A captivating dichroic glass focal point with mesmerizing color play.
  • A unique and innovative clasp design, seamlessly integrated with the centerpiece.
  • A delicate single loop-in-loop chain for comfortable wear.
  • Handcrafted in the USA with love and meticulous attention to detail.

Own a piece of wearable art. Shop the Maggie Dichroic Glass Bracelet today!

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The Maggie-1 Blue/Green, The Maggie-2 Blue/Green, The Maggie-3 Blue/Green, The Maggie-4 Orange Stripe, The Maggie-5 Dark With Color, The Maggie-6 Dark With Red


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