Each One Unique


You could see the man was in distress. His facial expression screamed anxiety.  His hands popped up to cover his ears, he started to rock and make a low sound of distress.  As a store employee approached and began to talk to him, the man became more agitated, and the vocalization emanating from him became louder.  I suddenly realized the store, with all of its shoppers was a very noisy place.  I motioned for the clerk to step away while reaching into my handbag for some earphones.  I held them out in front of me and quietly approached the man.  His eyes focused on the puzzle piece earrings I wore with pride to help others learn about Autism Spectrum Disorder.  He began to stop rocking.  As he reached for the headphones, the vocalizations calmed.  He put in the ear buds and his face relaxed.  A minute later he smiled his thanks and went on his way.

Each One Unique, Each One Beautiful, Each Person Amazing.

Sterling Silver puzzle piece earrings that make a statement!  1 inch tall; 3/4 inch wide

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